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The environment and quality

The environment and quality

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At Brand Factory, we feel that environmental and quality work is important. We have held accreditation to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 for a number of years. Our Farsta factory also holds an FSC®certificate, with licensnumber FSC-C041249, which means that if our customers so require, we can ecolabel printed matter printed in Farsta. We can also “climate-compensate” for our paper purchases via our supplier. Unlike FSC, which is free in most cases, a small charge has to be paid for climate compensation. This charge is relatively low and is passed on directly to a tree planting project.

We call our entire management system BrandQuality: it includes the ISO 9001 quality system as well as ISO 14001 and FSC. ISO 9001 is our quality system which helps us to operate systematically, and we are constantly implementing improvements to ensure that Brand Factory delivers the quality our customers demand. Merging ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 into our BrandQuality management system allows us to control and develop both quality and environmental considerations in our processes. 

Our environmental work is based on the environmental targets which we set each year on the basis of the environmental impact of our operations. We measure waste paper levels and set annual targets for these. Our consumption of chemicals is another important aspect: we are constantly attempting to reduce the quantities we use by means of technical development and always looking for better solutions for production. The latest example of this is that one of our offset machines is now operated entirely without IPA (Isopropanol). Another good example is our new frame cleaning machine in the screen printing department, which reduced our chemical consumption by 40% as no chemicals are used in the cleaning process.

Our company cars must be classified according to one of our environmental targets. All our electricity and district heating is green. All our staff receive environmental training. We carry out regular safety rounds and risk assessments in order to prevent and minimise environmental impact. We carry out a legal audit each year with our environmental consultant in order to make sure that we are operating in compliance with the environmental laws that control our business.