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The first phase – Creation of the brand

The first phase – Creation of the brand

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We divide the brand life cycle into three phases. The brand is created during the first phase. Here, the corporate management team and marketing department work together with their advertising agency and other consultants in order to produce a strategy which works.

The current situation and the objectives for the future of the company are evaluated. After this, a mission, a concept and – eventually – a graphic design are established so that the message can be put forward consistently on the market and a strong brand can be created. The results of this phase normally end up generating a new identity, a new profile manual and new processes.

Very often Brand Factory comes into the picture towards the end of this phase, but the earlier we get involved, the better the results becomes. If we get involved at an early stage and are able to help with developing the profile manual, we make sure that it works in it's real enviroment. There are many application that require thorough preparatory work for implementation of the brand to go well in practice. If these are not included in the original manual, it may cost you an unnecessarily large amount of money to add them afterwards. External signage and vehicle graphics are examples of such applications, as there are many complex components that needs to be taken into account.