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The second phase – Implementation of the brand

The second phase – Implementation of the brand

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The brand comes to life in the second phase. It is a good idea to start off this phase with an analysis of the applications found in the new profile manual.

This analysis is normally carried out in close cooperation between the advertising agency, the brand owner and the visual communication supplier as the profile manual is then adapted to match actual conditions. No matter the industry in which the profile and brand are to be implemented, the reality often looks very different in practice to the way it looks on the drawing board.

At this stage, Brand Factory can help you to adapt guidelines for all applications, preparations ahead of the project and execution of actual implementation of the project. During the implementation process, we set up processes and systems to simplify the work of all parties involved. We create accounts in online tools, making it easier for everyone on the project to organise, control and improve the brand both during implementation and for a number of years to come during the lifetime of the brand. As the business grows, new sales outlets are often opened and parts of the business are renewed and developed. As a result, phase two never really comes to an end until the brand itself is renewed and everything starts again from the beginning.