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Over the last 10 years Posten Norge (Norway Post) as a company, has undergone some massive changes. From being known as a traditional national post office, to having built itself up to become a significant logistics and IT operator as well.

The long road to this point has meant a number of acquisitions, and within their logistics/distribution industries, they found themselves with many smaller companies, each bringing their own company profile and identity to the table. Needless to say, it was quite difficult to grasp the true size of the company based on the branding that existed, and there was no common name that bound any of these concerns together. Something had to be done!

In the summer of 2006 Brand Factory acted as major supplier to different aspects of these seemingly unrelated concerns in Norway, and we positioned ourselves for those approaching acquisitions through a prequalification of future suppliers. The following year initial enquiries were sent out to a range of companies about a “Framework of vehicular branding” for Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Baltic regions. After being chosen to take this project forward, Brand Factory was involved in the process of preparing, planning and execution of the new visual identity for Posten Norge AS, as well as Bring, with five underlying lines in the Nordic and Baltic regions. This resulted in close collaboration with purchasing, marketing, external agency contact and distribution, and then an in-house vehicle group within the company itself. 3M was involved in the process from a very early stage, and were active participants in the tests that were carried out. In the Summer of 2008 everything was finally ready, and in the first weekend in September of that year the new identity was officially launched with much pomp and ceremony.

That weekend saw work being carried out in all major cities over the entire Nordic and Baltic regions from Friday morning until late Sunday evening. In Norway alone more than 400 vehicles were re-branded, and over the course of four hectic months during the autumn of 2008, around 2,500 units were all re-branded. Reporting has been ongoing throughout the entire process, and in the weekly status meetings, close scrutiny has been paid to the work being carried out in each country, comparing empirical data with the projected expectations for the respective countries and lines. This work has progressed with unabated enthusiasm throughout 2009, and will do so throughout 2010, also. Central to this project has been the new colour identity of the existing fleet of vehicles, done with the help of film, known as full-wrapping. The advantages of this technique are many, but two of the most important advantages are, without doubt, the two biggest issues in any business: time and money, when comparing this method with the standard time and cost of re-painting. To further enhance and strengthen the profile, as well as guaranteeing safety most effectively, large parts of the logo elements have been produced with 3M’s Scotchlite reflective film.

Overall, a fleet of around 10,000 units has been re-branded over a three-year period, the largest vehicular re-branding exercise ever undertaken in the entire Nordic region. Brand Factory was the obvious partner in the project, thanks mainly to our vast network that perfectly suited our customer’s needs, and at the same time having the necessary capacity and competence to carry a task of this magnitude. We’re very proud indeed of having achieved as much as we have in implementing this massive task.