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Brand Factory develops virtual tools on the basis of customers' specific requirements. We offer tools which our service development team has developed, but also tools which have been developed by partners who are specialized on web services.

The aim of our virtual tools is to help our customers to organise, control and improve their visual communication – Visual Communication Management.

We establish a Visual Communication Management Portal on behalf of the customer. This is a portal where the client and their staff can go in and together with us run projects, shop online, manage information, save files, download files and lots more. Our clients decide who is to be allowed to access the portal, and users can then go in via their own intranet or the Brand Factory website using a specific login code. Brand Factory's virtual tools make it easier for all partners to implement and develop their brand throughout its entire life cycle. This saves time, reduces the risk of errors and provides real-time feedback. For instance, customers can see the point they have reached in the process and view statistics and reports.