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When a brand is to be renewed, there are many new applications which have to be redesigned. A number of these applications involve high risk and major investments for the brand owner.

Such applications can for example be vehicle graphics and outdoor signage, both of which are subject to tough physical conditions. Vehicle graphics have to be able to withstand bad weather, UV light and washing over a number of years. It is easy to get things wrong in this regard, and major investments can be at stake when large vehicle fleets are involved. The same is true of outdoor signage as regards weather conditions. It is important in this regard to have a good feel for how creative design can be turned into reality, making the end result as striking as the art work.

The list of products which we offer is pretty extensive, but here are just a few examples: indoor and outdoor shop profiling, architectonic decor, indoor and outdoor signage, vehicle graphics, profile clothing and work clothing, wrapping and stickers.

No matter the size of your project, Brand Factory has the capacity to support your needs. In the Nordic region we have all the necessary resources to help you out on a local level. When we have customer projects that go pan-European or global we are a partner of Glimma Group. Through Glimma we are able to manage branding projects all over the world. Click here to read more about Glimma.