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Sun, safety and protection films

Sun, safety and protection films

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Our premises are constantly under stress on account of the strong, warming rays of the sun. And sometimes vandalism can take its toll, too. But you can actually prevent this kind of damage by using sun and safety films.

Sunlight and the heat given off by it may be a source of great strain for both the property and the people in it. During the summer, lots of companies invest in a variety of solutions for cooling the premises, but these often cost a lot and use plenty of energy. Solar films can be used to reduce heat and UV light, IR light and daylight to levels which massively improve both the work environment and energy consumption levels. This ensures that staff feel great, thereby enhancing their productivity, and customers can enjoy a pleasant environment. Sun protection films also reduce the risk of faded furnishings.

Shops, offices and areas open to the public could face problems with vandalism and break-ins. It is common for the vandals or burglars to attack the glass in the windows in such places. When glass is broken, it poses a risk of injury – but also a loss of capital, as goods can no longer be sold. This risk can be reduced by fitting safety films!

We use authorised fitters to install these films, and the films are supplied with extensive warranties.