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In-store communication

In-store communication

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What challenges do you face? Encouraging customers to visit your store, maybe, or persuading them to buy the right things once you have them there? Brand Factory has the expertise and the product range to allow you to create an atmosphere to promote sales both inside your shop and out.

We can make sure that your store exterior stands out from the crowd and encourages inquisitive customers to come in. Once they are in there, our signs, references and environmental material will help them to make the right purchasing decisions. According to surveys carried out, about 80 % of all decisions to buy things are made by people once they are actually in the store.

We will be responsible for your in-store branding project, covering everything from initial image suggestions to a fully branded shop where people want to buy things. External signs, poster frames, billboards, window decorations, sun and safety films, environmental materials, floor graphics and reference and department signage is selection from our range of products adapted to visual communication.

We produce a wide range of solutions for visual communication in stores and on windows. Posters, ceiling-mounted signs, fabric banners, cutouts, backdrops, window stickers, lightbox posters, banners and POS stands.

Modern machinery allows us to use offset, screen or digital printing methods. This combination of printing methods means that the type of production used will always be the most cost effective for you, no matter what print run, format and print media you choose.

Price communication

The message which appeals most to customers and persuades them to buy things often involves communicating prices and products. We produce print matters for price communication in a variety of sizes; everything from small price signs on shelf edge strips to in-store signs and huge façade banners. The choice of print media may vary according to your needs.