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In-store displays

In-store displays

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Brand Factory creates in-store displays and design solutions from a range of different materials such as corrugated cardboard, cardboard, Forex, Dibond, Kapa and so on.

We use our own designers to create in-store displays in a CAD environment, displays which will suit your product best no matter what format, material or size you choose. You could use anything for the concept for your design: a simple sketch from the client to allowing us here at Brand Factory to help out with the entire process, from concept to finished product.

We also offer digital 3D models or real samples to early visualize the effect before we start up the production. At Brand Factory, we have both digital cutting tables such as Zünd and Kongsberg, as well as fully automatic and semi-automatic punching machines in order to meet the various requirements stipulated, regardless of the print run and size, in as cost-effective a manner as possible.

This fact, combined with our modern machinery, gives us a great deal of options for display and design solutions of all types.