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Our design department works with everything from the completion of originals to more creative design. We can help out with drawings, illustrations, image retouching and photomontages.

Our commissions can vary, involving branding, campaign communication and interior design. Initially, our job very frequently involves adaptation of guidelines, adaptation of a new graphic identity to suit the conditions prevailing within the company. We then help our customers to design their sales outlets or units. Finally, we design application-oriented marketing communication which can help you, as our customer, to market your products in a public environment or at sales outlets or events.

Adaptation of guidelines

To ensure that guidelines work in its real environment, we produce application drawings and manuals for shops, vehicle fleets, indoor and outdoor signage, etc. We transfer your profile to the places where you want to present your brand. Guidelines which work are crucial to ensuring that the applications are designed, produced and installed correctly. This is why our designers have outstanding knowledge of how our products work in production, in its true environment, and how they should be installed.

Customized graphical design

For a store chain custom graphic design may, for instance, include designs for indoor and outdoor signage, interior design, advertising and price communication. When a new shop or graphic profile is established, we produce drawings via the planning permission process and make sure that these are approved. We then design staff clothing, pens, mugs and so forth. Finally, we can produce a customised webshop which is in line with the customer's graphic profile, where finding and ordering various items and getting fast delivery are easy.