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Pilot study phase

Pilot study phase

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At the point where the appearance of your brand is starting to take shape, it is already high time to get in touch with Brand Factory for consultation in respect of the more complex applications.

Customers very often establish contact when the profile manual is complete, and at that stage a lot of adaptation may be required to ensure that the new graphic profile can be implemented in real life. Therefore, it is a good idea for all parties if we are able to be involved and provide consultation as early on as possible, which we do while maintaining confidentiality and offering the greatest possible integrity.

Prior to a project, the profile manual needs to be reviewed on the basis of the scope of the project and the situation regarding the units and applications in reality. For instance, the profile manual may include outlines of a few vehicles, while in reality the vehicle fleet may include a range of different car brands and models. A new shop concept may need to be tested in a real environment in order to confirm that the concept works. Here, we help our customers to chart, document, draw new diagrams and carry out tests.