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Project management for branding

Project management for branding

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A web-based project managment tool is created during the startup phase of any project beyond a certain level of complexity. The project site allows all participants to work in a structured and closed environment.

This makes the project efficient, easy to organise and control over all phases. All participants can access the information quickly and easily, no matter where they are in the world. Documents can easily be updated, and the project development status can be verified in real time.

Nearly all branding projects, no matter what their size, have a limited amount of time in which to implement the project. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good project manager offering high capacity and plenty of experience of the industry. We work actively to ensure that we have the right skills within our organisation, modern production equipment offering as much capacity as there is available and subcontractors which supply top quality.

No matter the size of your project, Brand Factory has the capacity to support your needs. In the Nordic region we have all the necessary resources to help you out on a local level. When we have customer projects that go pan-European or global we are a partner of Glimma Group. Through Glimma we are able to manage branding projects all over the world. Click here to read more about Glimma.