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Storage and distribution

Storage and distribution

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Keeping products in storage and managing their distribution can often lead to both administrative and cost-related minus figures in a company that is otherwise very healthy. We can help you out by offering good storage capacity and material logistics for branding and store communication.

Our distribution services are integrated into the production flow. We optimize distribution in regards to time for packaging, use of wrapping, preferences in respect of shipping services and requirements regarding the handling of incoming goods in terms of weight and size. Distribution takes place locally, nationally and internationally.

In Sweden, most of our products are stored at our facilities in Farsta and Linköping. In Linköping, we offer almost 1500 sq m of storage space, where we store everything from flags to 10-metre pylons, from single-issue stickers to complete sets of decals. We adapt and customise storage solutions which are appropriate for your products and needs.

Linköping is in a good location for a logistics hub. All major transport companies operate out of here, and our geographical location allows us to achieve next-day deliveries in many instances. We adapt our distribution to suit the needs of customers, and with our storage solutions we are able to resolve many storage and logistical problems which our customers face. We have plenty of experience and practice when it comes to supplying and receiving goods internationally.