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Specifications for documents and images

Specifications for documents and images

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Artwork specifications

Upload material
The easiest way of delivering your material to Brand Factory is by uploading the file directly here at brandfactory.se, click Upload on the page for virtual tools.

Basic specifications
Brand Factory accepts artwork that meets the following recommendations and specifications. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Colour management: Brand Factory carries out all production of coated materials with FOGRA39L as the target, and recommends that the ISO Coated v2 300 % GCR60 profile is used as colour space for the production of artwork and for previewing on screen, and that a FOGRA-certified solution is used for digital proofing.

Documents: Adobe InDesign CS3 or later or QuarkXPress 6.5 or later. All linked images, illustrations and fonts must be attached.

Images: Retain embedded profiles, they are the key to accurate reproduction. Retain the images in their original colour space. Brand Factory carries out colour conversion.

Format: For practical reasons, we recommend that larger formats are produced to scale according to the following table.

PDF: Brand Factory's PDF job options should be used for the delivery of PDF artwork.