Colour management

Colour management

Brand Factory's colour management is based entirely on the ISO standard, and all production of coated material is carried out using the FOGRA39L standard as the goal. For the production of uncoated paper, a specially adapted profile is used in our production environment that provides a greater range and better colour reproduction than the ISO standard for uncoated paper.


Profiles: AdobeRGB, ISO Coated v2 300 % GCR60. [Download]

Viewing: A properly calibrated screen and viewing device with the correct light for the examination of colour samples.

Digital colour samples: Epson 4800 or higher with a FOGRA certified flow. Fogra Media Wedge and label printing for verification.

Working colour space/colour settings: AdobeRGB with simulation of ISO Coated v2 300% GCR60 on screen and digital colour samples.

Profiles for production of uncoated paper: Printley Uncoated 260% GCR50 in consultation with BrandFactory. [Download]