Documents and images

Documents and images

Brand Factory accepts open layout documents and images that meet the following requirement specifications:

- Adobe InDesign CS3 or later or QuarkXPress 6.5 or later.

- Photographic images must be tagged with an ICC profile corresponding to the image's relevant colour space.

- All used fonts and links must be attached.


Documents: Make sure your layout software has the correct colour settings, read more under the Colour Management heading. Use the layout software's built-in functions for preflight and gathering of material for delivery.

Images: Retain the image in its original colour space, preferably Adobe RGB or sRGB. Retain embedded profiles, they are the key to accurate reproduction. The following file formats are recommended: TIFF LZW, JPEG (maximum quality) and PSD (in combination with InDesign).

Image resolution: The recommended resolution depends on the combination of formats and finished product; read more under Formats.

Illustrations: Vector-based graphics are recommended for illustrations, particularly for large finished formats. The illustration must be coloured using CMYK values and should not have embedded profiles.

Fonts: Avoid older versions of fonts as they often cause conflicts in newer systems.