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Wrapping with attitude!

Wrapping with attitude!

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Brand Factory has been commissioned to re-profile 130 company cars for ÅF after the merger with Epsilon. In order to clearly demonstrate that ÅF is a company that breathes innovation, sustainability and future technology, it opted to wrap an electric car entirely in chrome. The unconventional and somewhat striking design of the car promotes the ÅF brand in a prominent way.

We at Brand Factory are incredibly proud to have applied this full car wrap. The work took place at Bilia Haga Norra in front of an audience who had lots of positive feedback.

“ÅF is heavily focused on sustainable solutions and on creating pride in our brand. Pride gives an impression of attractiveness which means that the best people search out ÅF which in turn allows us to generate good business and excellent customer relations. By standing out with promotions such as car profiling linked to our unique partnership with the Swedish Olympic Committee we are able to stimulate to a large degree what we are looking to accomplish with greater pride. ÅF's car policy today is that all company vehicles must carry some kind of ÅF identification and, together with Brand Factory, has developed a couple of variations in size to satisfy the needs and preferences of the organisation.

ÅF's goal is to half its CO2 impact by 2015 compared to the base year of 2010. We now have clear guidelines on which cars are to be company cars where the CO2 value is clearly the governing factor. Now that Volvo has finally released its rechargeable plug-in hybrid V60D6, ÅF was given the option of purchasing one of the first 300 cars. The somewhat spectacular all-over stripes in chrome make the car really visible and eye-catching.  ÅF is thereby given exposure along with the attributes of the car which reveal that it is an electric car. As a result, we enhance our brand in the areas of innovation, sustainability and future technology. And a little bit of attitude.”

Peter Berglund
Corporate Brand Manager, ÅF


Do you want to know more about the project or about how we can help you with your company profiling? Please contact Tomas Hjelmström, salesman at Brand Factory.