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Brand Factory buys Jyväskylä

Brand Factory buys Jyväskylä

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Brand Factory Finland, part of the Brand Factory Group, entered into a contract on 29 June to buy the remaining shares in Brand Factory Jyväskylä. Brand Factory Jyväskylä operates in the field of brand and product profiling and specialises in assembly and installation. In 2011, the company had revenues amounting to almost EUR 3 million and nearly 40 employees.

17-09-2012 ”Brand Factory Finland and Brand Factory Jyväskylä have been working in close cooperation for a number of years,” says Raimo Nygård, CEO of Brand Factory Finland. “We have worked together on major projects involving assembly work on trains and aircraft, among other things, as well as reprofiling a number of local companies.

” Brand Factory Jyväskylä is being sold by Henri Janakka, Petri Melanen and Matti Syrjälä, CEO of Brand Factory Jyväskylä. The company dates back to 1994, when Matti Syrjälä carried out installation work for Mainospyörä Oys as a subcontractor, later forming Brand Factory Jyväskylä – partly owned by Mainospyörä – in 2004.

Between 2004 och 2011, Brand Factory Jyväskylä grew from revenues of EUR 1 million to almost EUR 3 million, increasing its workforce from ten people to almost 40. The Brand Factory Jyväskylä site is home to three large-format printers, two CAD/CAM machines and offices in seven other locations in Finland.

For more information, contact Peter Follin, CEO, Brand Factory peter.follin@brandfactory.se, +46 (0) 704 92 64 09 or Raimo Nygård, CEO, Brand Factory Finland raimo.nygard@brandfactory.fi, +358 10 3442 210