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Printley - Supplier of the Year

Printley - Supplier of the Year

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EMAB – a federation of independent retailers at petrol stations – reviews all its suppliers and names a winner every year. The winner of Supplier of the Year for 2012 is the printing company Printley, which has been operating under the brand name Brand Factory since 15 October. The award went to Printley much due to the cooperation between EMAB and Printley, in respect of advertising and campaigns, which has extended a great deal over the year.

2012-11-01 “We are very proud to have received this award,” says Tomas Jäverling, customer manager at Printley (which has been operating under the brand name Brand Factory since 15 October). “EMAB has a lot of big-name suppliers, and the fact that we have been named Supplier of the Year ahead of all of them is evidence that our sales promotion work is valued highly.”

EMAB has been working with Printley on its campaigns – of which there are around thirteen a year – for a number of years now. Printley mainly supplied production of in-store communications initially, but they have started to operate more as an advertising agency of late. Printley’s work has included everything from concept development and graphic profiling for retail exposure, campaigns and single-use materials, to the production of advertising materials.

“We have made the transition from being a print partner to being a marketing partner,” explains Tomas Jäverling.

EMAB’s reasons for awarding Supplier of the Year to Printley are as follows: “Our winner has the ability to always think outside the box and the courage to break with old habits. To see what is needed to promote EMAB stores, applying its years of experience and always keeping the customer in focus. This is how this year’s winner has helped to bring about our positive development. “Dare to win” is a hallmark for the Supplier of the Year.”


For further information, please contact:

Tomas Jäverling, Key Account Manager, Printley, direct tel. +46 8 555 401 66, mobile +46 70 270 81 90, e-mail: tomas.javerling@printley.se

Carina Ståhlberg Olsson, Head of Marketing, EMAB, direct tel. +46 8 687 07 46, mobile +46 738 24 43 43, e-mail: carina@emab.org


EMAB AB is an organisation for purchasing collaboration, marketing/campaigns and business development, working with everything needed by modern service stations/stores. EMAB is owned by its 430 or so members, who are all independent retailers, from Shell, St1, Statoil 123, Bilisten, Preem, OK/Q8, etc. EMAB has no profit interests of its own; all added value created is returned to its members.